Made with semolina ( Rava), upma, if prepared with less oil, can prove to be a good source of protein. Semolina is naturally low in fat and therefore makes for a good weight loss breakfast option. Upma or Uppuma or Uppittu is a common South Indian  breakfast dish, cooked as a thick porridge from dry roasted semolina or coarse rice flour. Various seasonings and/or vegetables are often added during the cooking, depending on individual preferences. These days, it is popular in most parts of India and is prepared in various ways. Cheap in cost and very filling, it is truly a common man’s dish.

In many Dravidian languages, the word ‘Uppu’ means Salt and the word ‘Mavu’ or ‘Hittu’ means flour. Hence the name Uppumavu or Uppittu. In North India, it is called Upma, short-form for Uppumavu.