Poha or flattened rice (also called beaten rice) is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes.They are most famously known as “Pohe” in the Malwa region, also they are considered to be originated in the Malwa region itself. These flakes of rice swell when added to liquid, whether hot or cold, as they absorb water, milk or any other liquids. The thicknesses of these flakes vary between almost translucently thin (the more expensive varieties) to nearly four times thicker than a normal rice grain.

In Maharashtra, Poha is cooked with lightly frying mustard seeds, turmeric, chili powder, finely chopped onions and potatoes and then moistened poha is added to the spicy mix and steamed for a few minutes.

In the northern parts of India, Poha is cooked with fresh green peas, specially during the winter seasons.

Poha is a healthy breakfast option, specially for children and working people. Poha is gluten-free and it prevents iron deficiency.

Approximate Calorie Value : 270