Idly is undoubtedly one of the most popular breakfast choices in traditional south Indian cuisine. Due to its light and fluffy texture, this is the perfect breakfast choice if you prefer not to consume particularly heavy meals in the morning. Idly does not cause a feeling of being bloated, as some other meals tend to do. It provides you with just the right amount of sustenance to keep you from feeling hungry and low on energy before lunchtime.

Not only is this dish delicious to eat, but it is also packed with great nutritional value and health benefits. The method used to prepare the idlis is one of the main reasons behind its contribution towards improved health. Steam cooking is considered to be one of the healthiest methods of preparing food, as it does not require any added oil or fat. When raw ingredients are cooked by being boiled, fried or grilled, they tend to lose a large amount of their vitamins and minerals. With the steaming process, this is not the case. When we steam our foods, they retain most of their nutritional value compared to any other form of cooking. This makes idly the perfect choice for a healthy meal or snack.

Idly is free of gluten and is very easy on your digestive system. It is also a very rich source of dietary fibre and protein for your body, without any additional fat content or cholesterol. If you are a strict calorie counter, a single idly is said to have just between 40 to 60 calories, which is significantly less than most popular breakfast items such as cereals and jams. This is the reason that idly has become a very popular food choice amongst people who are trying to lose weight and adopt a low calorie diet.

Idly is mostly accompanied with sambar and chutney, which not only greatly enhance the flavour, but are also a fantastic source of vegetables and pulses. The combination of rice in the idlis and vegetables from the sambar make for a highly nutritious breakfast.

These ingredients then provide you with ample energy to start your day.

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