Wednesday Breakfast Special – Upma and Dahi Vada

Upma is a staple breakfast offering at most South Indian restaurants. But did you know that the humble thick porridge made originated from our present day Karnataka? Uppuma (or Uppindi in Kannada) simply translates into ‘salted flour’. Traditionally made from dry roasted semolina, the upma is also made with rice, corn or whole wheat. What [...]

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3 Dishes to add to your breakfast!

In the spirit of Republic Day, why not get traditional and replace your cereals and toast with some classic Indian dishes? As promised, we have some great suggestions for you. Add these three delicious dishes to your breakfast menu right away! Adai Get your protein fix for the morning by indulging in these light crepes [...]

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Lentils! What do they do?

Lentils make frequent appearances through different forms in the traditional Indian diet. While dietitians of the west are only recently beginning to discover the health benefits of this wonder food, Indian households have been making use of it for years. Whether it is blended in our warm khichdis and crispy vadas or served as gravy, [...]

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Idly: What makes it one of the best breakfast options?

Idly is undoubtedly one of the most popular breakfast choices in traditional south Indian cuisine. Due to its light and fluffy texture, this is the perfect breakfast choice if you prefer not to consume particularly heavy meals in the morning. Idly does not cause a feeling of being bloated, as some other meals tend to [...]

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Your Food Choices and Productivity at Work

Many of us may be unfamiliar with the effect that our diet choices have on our productivity levels at work. The nutrition level in the foods we choose to eat have a direct impact on our body’s ability to function effectively throughout the day. Most of the time, we may prefer to fill our diet [...]

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Why you shouldn’t eat fast food

  by Grant Stoddard Fast food. It’s cheap, convenient and marketed to us when we’re young, in the hope that we’ll be consumers for life. For many companies, that strategy has paid off. But there’s a wrinkle in that math. If we eat too much of this stuff, that frequent consumer’s lifespan could be a [...]

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10 Reasons to have breakfast

These are 10 reasons, why you should not skip your breakfast and eat healthy foods each morning: 1. Starting your morning with breakfast will boost your metabolism. 2. A morning meal helps keep your blood sugar levels stable during the day. 3. Healthy and nutritious breakfast reduces risk for overeating and cravings later in the [...]

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