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Undhiyu is a Gujarati mixed vegetable dish that is a regional specialty of Gujarat, India. The name of this dish comes from the Gujarati words "matlu" meaning earthen pot and "undhu" meaning upside down since they have been traditionally cooked upside down underground in earthen pots fired from above. The dish is a seasonal one, [...]

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Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichadi is a very tasty Indian dish made from soaked Sabudana (pearl tapioca). It is typically prepared in parts of Western India such as Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, & Maharashtra. In major towns like Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Bhopal and Nagpur, it is available as street food and is widely eaten throughout the year. It [...]

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Poha or flattened rice (also called beaten rice) is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes.They are most famously known as "Pohe" in the Malwa region, also they are considered to be originated in the Malwa region itself. These flakes of rice swell when added to liquid, whether hot or cold, [...]

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Made with semolina (Rava) - Upma, if prepared with less oil, can prove to be a good source of protein. Semolina is naturally low in fat and therefore makes for a good weight loss breakfast option. Adding vegetables to the Upma enhances its nutritional values and also makes it more tasty. Originally from Tamil Nadu, [...]

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Why you shouldn’t eat fast food

  by Grant Stoddard Fast food. It’s cheap, convenient and marketed to us when we’re young, in the hope that we’ll be consumers for life. For many companies, that strategy has paid off. But there’s a wrinkle in that math. If we eat too much of this stuff, that frequent consumer’s lifespan could be a [...]

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10 Reasons to have breakfast

These are 10 reasons, why you should not skip your breakfast and eat healthy foods each morning: 1. Starting your morning with breakfast will boost your metabolism. 2. A morning meal helps keep your blood sugar levels stable during the day. 3. Healthy and nutritious breakfast reduces risk for overeating and cravings later in the [...]

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