Upma is a staple breakfast offering at most South Indian restaurants. But did you know that the humble thick porridge made originated from our present day Karnataka?

Uppuma (or Uppindi in Kannada) simply translates into ‘salted flour’. Traditionally made from dry roasted semolina, the upma is also made with rice, corn or whole wheat. What makes it truly special is that it is prepared with chopped vegetables that add flavor and fiber to your morning fuel.

Cooked with fresh vegetables and served with a Dahi Vada, Potli’s Wednesday breakfast option I – Upma is a complete nutritious meal to kick start your productivity for the day. The Upma packs around 350 Calories per 100 gm of serving. This means you will feel full and energetic through out your morning when your productivity will be at its peak.

Don’t fret about cooking or stopping for breakfast tomorrow. At only Rs. 45, Potli’s Vegetable Upma and Dahi Vada is an effortless breakfast solution ready to be picked up at these locations or delivered straight to your home.

Our meals are cooked with exceptional care and we value nutrition over anything else.

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